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Thousands have lost their lives and millions need shelter. Please consider donating for the cause to help bring relief to those who are suffering.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Contirbute to Charity for Relief Efforts

This blog was created barely a day into the tragedy that engulfed Pakistan on the morning of 8th of October 2005.

Many organisations across the country have organized themselves to take part in the relief efforts, some providing physcial aid and a few helping the needy but in my opinion the most unexplored potential that has yet to be tapped which is the power of the internet to be able to tap thousands if not millions across the world

Due to distance limitations concernce individuals worldwide wanting to help in anyway possible can join hands with us to bring relief for the victims of this tragedy

We ask you to contribute generously to the relief efforts by helping raise money by either paypal The contributions will in turn help us raise fund, naturally the more the better.

Who am I: I am Dr. Awab Alvi a dentist practicing in Karachi at Alvi Dental Hospital. In this nobel effort I take full responisbility to ensure that all funds are carefully distributed to the deserving relief organizations. I will present myself as being solely responibile for the judicical distribution of funds


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